Watch, Read, Make is your weekly guide to cool things for your weekend. TGIF!

Watch: You know what class of animals is truly, transcendently weird? Cephalopods, that’s who. If you are not already aware of their strangeness, I highly recommend that you watch this video of an octopus strangling a shark. It doesn’t even have any bones, and it is still approximately as bad ass as Chuck Norris. You probably can’t wrestle a shark to death, and you have thumbs. (via io9)

Read: I know that there is an unexpectedly high number of gender theory nerds (my people!) in our reader base, because y’all comment whenever I post anything about sex and gender. I also assume that there’s a decent number of comics readers in our reader base, because comics are awesome and this is a blog that focuses mostly on how to most appropriately color code your calendar. So, if you fall into either of those groups, you should read this interview with several comics creators about sexism in comics, ranging from big-name super hero stuff to indie comics. They have interesting things to say. (via This Cage is Worms, which consistently rounds up awesome articles.)

Make: The weather in Atlanta is cold and rainy and awful right now, and my arms are all sore from the eighty bajillion* vaccines I got injected into me yesterday. If you need something to keep your warm and full of winter (shut up, it’s almost winter) cheer for the weekend, try the Irish Winter. It’s basically Irish coffee with Kahlúa and whipped cream. It sounds divine.

* 3, including yellow fever. Huzzah, international travel!

[Photo via Simon Bonaventure. Licensed under CC BY SA 2.0.]