Have you ever found yourself spending more time making your presentations look visually appealing rather than on the actual content of your presentation? Well, it’s happened to me plenty of times. They’re called “presentations” for a reason– you are presenting your points to an audience both vocally and visually. The visual aspects of your presentation do matter and do deserve your attention. The way you present your material can make the difference as to whether or not your point impacts your audience.

If you have a horrible eye for color and determining what colors should go with what (like me), then you might want to check out some color scheme websites that can help coordinate your presentations. Color coordination is more than just being OCD; it’s about your presentation being well put together and cohesive. It will look more professional and interesting, which will help to get your content across. Additionally, you can spend more time on the content of your presentation than trying to figure out if your chosen colors are clashing with one another.

The best color scheme websites that I have come across are kuler and ColourLovers. They each give you some great options to play around with.

ColourLovers is a bit more simple. You browse around until you find a scheme that matches your taste, and the website will provide you with the color values that you can input. Kuler gives you a little more control, allowing you to go into existing color schemes and changing the values if you want to adjust something more to your liking.

Color scheme websites like these are great for a variety of things beyond coloring your presentation, including decorating your apartment, a graphic design project, or any other creative projects you might be working on.

[Photo courtesy of breannajosephine. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]