There are a variety of ways to figure out what the weather in your area will be like. You could watch your local weather forecast, check the myriad of weather websites out there, or just look outside your window! But while these all essentially tell you what the weather’s like, do any of them actually give you insight on how it will actually feel outside and what you should wear? That’s where Swackett comes into play. Swackett stands for sweater, jacket, or coat, and gives you what the temperature will actually feel like at a glance, along with cute animations detailing what you should accordingly wear.

Platform Availability: Swackett’s desktop apps are Mac OS X only, and the mobile version is iOS 4.0 and up only. However, if you’re running Windows or Android, you can access a web-based version that carries all the same features as the desktop/mobile versions.

Cost: The desktop, mobile, and web versions of Swackett are free but supported by ads. If you loathe advertising with the burning intensity of a thousand suns, download Swackett X, the premium Mac desktop version, for $2.99. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any additional features other than no ads.

What it is: Swackett is a practical weather app for human beings. Instead of giving you precise temperature measurements for high and low, Swackett gives you the much more realistic “feels like” temperature after factoring in things like wind chill.

What it Does: Check out all the pertinent weather information before you head out for the day each morning. Other than the typical high and low, check out the “feels like” temperature, the temperature and conditions every 2 hours, and the radar for your region.

Features: Feels Like Temperature – This is the key feature that sets Swackett apart from any other method of finding out what the weather’s like. After all, it could be sunny but freezing cold outside.

Peeps – Peeps are Swackett’s stick figures that wear clothes appropriate for the weather conditions you’re currently viewing. Sometimes, they feature a unique homage to pop culture like Harry Potter or Star Wars that give this app just that extra bit of flair that makes Swackett fun and interesting.

Multiple Locations – If you often find yourself in two or more cities (work/school/home), you can quickly switch between locations with Swackett, giving you the current conditions wherever you deem at a moment’s notice.

Multiplatform Sync – If you choose to create a free account with Swackett, you can set your preferences for location, peeps, and temperature settings on both your desktop and your iOS device.

The Competition: Wunderground – Free – Anything that can access the Web

Weather HD – $3.99 for Mac, $0.99 for iOS 3.2 and up is a fantastic site for knowing an absurd amount of information about the weather in your area, but for most people, it’s overkill. Swackett tells you what you need to know to dress appropriately both now and later without overloading you with information. Meanwhile, Weather HD is a gorgeous app that’s a beauty to behold: it renders current conditions out as digital weather landscapes. However, do you really need that in the morning when you’re rushing out to make it to your lecture? Again, Swackett tells you what you need to know quickly and efficiently, while Weather HD just doesn’t.

Summary: Swackett is a great app that steps away from scientific precision when it comes and weather and instead delivers actionable information to let you know what it actually feels like outside and what you should wear. It’s also fun and a little bit quirky and just a great alternative to the typical weather fare out there.

What do you like best about Swackett? Are there any other weather apps that you like? Let us know in the comments!