We all love music, but few of us love paying for it. Luckily, the web has seen a proliferation of free or freemium music streaming services that can score you access to pretty much any song ever made.

Luckily, Thomas Frank at College Info Geek put together a massive list of 37 different sites, with a description of each. Some are on demand. Some stream your personal music. Some run in Flash, others in HTML5. The list really covers the gamut of what you can find online.

I admit I hadn’t heard of a lot of these. Jelli, a service that real radio stations use to apply a voting system to their playlists, looks to be particularly awesome. Musicovery and Stereomood are also unique in that they serve up customized playlists based on your mood. Impressive, but I’m waiting for one to integrate with a USB mood ring.

Anyway, block off an hour on your calendar and go give the post a look. You’re sure to find something to jam to.

Do you have any favorite sites that weren’t on the list? Let us know in the comments!

[Image by flattop341 licensed under CC BY 2.0]