Watch, Read, Make is your weekly guide to cool things to start off your weekend.

Watch: Black in America is CNN series about–as you might guess from the title–being Black in the US. The upcoming episode, which will be airing on Sunday night at 8pm EST, is going to focus on entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. If you’re interested in issues of representation, the minority experience in the US, or tech entrepreneurs, then you should check out the show.

Read: The Silliness of Business is not mind-blowing (it’s light on the number of concrete tips that apply to college folks), but it is a good reminder of why being busy busy busy all the time does nothing but make you sick and tired and unhappy. If parents are getting on you about not  doing a double major in neuroscience and chemistry, feel free to passive-aggressively post this on Facebook and tag them. If you’re looking to modify the author’s tips to fit a college life, and want one thing that you can do right now try leaving your phone in your room. Seriously. I came to college completely dependent on my phone. Now, when I leave it and am unable to be reached, I feel delightfully free. Try it!

Make: If you’re looking to make a custom t-shirt for an organization/just for kicks and want to avoid iron on transfers that will flake off after one wash, try freezer paper stencils. The basic concept is that you cut your design out of freezer paper (it’s waxed paper with only one side waxed) and iron it on to your shirt. That way, when you dab on paint, there’s no bleed through. I made one last week, and the freezer paper ran me $3 for a 75-foot roll. The onesies up top were made the same way, so you can see for yourself that it’s a decent way to make a shirt. If you’ve got some time on your hands an an inclination to be crafty, try it and let us know how it goes. If anyone makes a HackCollege tribute shirt, you’ll win a prize.

[Image courtesy of Flickr user Crystl. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.]