Love using Evernote, but still have an original iPad? What are you? a caveman?

I kid, I kid. As far as study apps go, Evernote Peek has always erred on the side of gimmicky. Still though, its use of the magnetic Smart Cover of the iPad 2 to hide and reveal flash-card style questions and answers can be legitimately useful as a study aid, especially if you’re a heavy Evernote user like myself.

Of course, the app left owners of the original iPad, with their Victorian-era non-magnetic cases, in the dust. Now, nearly 6 months later, the folks at Evernote have added a virtual smart cover for users of the original iPad, or owners of the iPad 2 who didn’t spring for the Smart Cover.

Check out the video below if you need a reminder of how the app works, then go pick it up for free in the App Store.