If you you live on campus, you probably have access to a gym included in your housing. But, if you want to work out and you either a) don’t live on campus and don’t want to pay for a gym or b) don’t want to work out in front of your professors/peers, there are other options for staying fit on the cheap.

Netflix: If you have access to Netflix, then you have access to a library of hundreds of fitness tapes that you can play on your computer without having to leave the house. This is particularly great if your major issue with working out is that you get bored easily. I’ve picked–at random–everything from cardio salsa (it’s a thing) to pilates, and they’ve all been pretty good. If you like the idea of workout classes but don’t want to pay for them yourself, this is a great option.

School library: If you don’t have access to Netflix (or want some slightly updated fare–their selection tends towards the 90s), then hit up your school library catalogue. They’re likely to have workout DVDs that you can play at home. If you like them, either buy the DVD or rip it. You may not even have to do that, given that at many libraries, low-popularity DVDs can stay out for several weeks at a time. If you want a DVD that your university doesn’t stock, ask them if there’s a catalogue request form. They likely have a budget set aside to fill student requests and will buy it for you.

The Lifehacker Workout: This is from a few weeks ago, but Lifehacker recently posted a description of their at-home workout. It’s four days a week and requires very little equipment. If you want a consistant routine without doing the same DVD over and over again, then try this out. And, if you want a workout buddy and can’t find one on campus, Lifehacker has an active group of folks who are doing the workout together.

Given that the temperature outside is dropping, workouts that can be done for free in the comfort of your own home are looking increasingly tempting. If you have a favorite not mentioned here, let us know in the comments!

[Image courtesy of the US Navy. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.]