MyEdu is like an academic dashboard for college students. According to their website, “Our mission is to help students improve their return on education by raising graduation rates, decreasing time to graduation and supporting career readiness goals.” They do this by providing you with free college management tools, including a class scheduler, professor ratings, GPA calculator, and a degree roadmap. The site supports more than 7000 universities.

The schedule tool allows you to search or browse for classes, and shows you the descriptions, meeting times and instructors available for each course. It even tells you the textbooks required for a class and helps you find the cheapest price on them.

MyEdu has information on major requirements and lets you add and manage degree plans. You can map out your class plan to make sure you get your requirements finished in time. When you add a class in your Schedule, it is automatically factored into your Degree Plan. If you are undecided, you can compare multiple majors and see how the classes you’ve taken will apply to a particular major. There is also a Credit Manager which will tell you if your school will grant credits for your AP & CLEP test scores.

While it’s no replacement for your academic advisor, MyEdu is a fantastic tool for helping you get the most out of your college education.

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