Watch, Read, Make is your weekly guide to cool things to look at and do during your weekend.

Watch: So, I may be alone in this, but I find camels as a species just delightfully strange. From the weird bleaty noise they make to their freaky toes, they are just the weirdest domesticates I know. So, this video of a woman racing a camel has just made my day. Look at its legs all a-flail! It’s like watching a greyhound run if the greyhound was eight feet tall.

Read: You may have missed it, but last week #MenCallMeThings made the round on Twitter. It consisted of (mostly) women sharing the things that (mostly) men had called them on the internet. The most valid critique made of the hashtag was that–in the minds of those putting the argument forward–most of what was being posted was just trolling directed at women. This response on Tiger Beatdown makes a compelling argument about why the people writing in that hashtag are arguing that the insults being posted were very specifically gendered in a way that general-purpose trolling isn’t. Regardless of your feelings about the validity of the hashtag, it’s a good piece to read if you’re an active commenter anywhere on the internet. Check it out.

Make: If you’re an American reader, then Thanksgiving is coming up. If you’re making your own turkey instead of heading home, check out this Budget Bytes recipe for a turkey and stuffing casserole. Because you cut the turkey apart and cook it on top of the stuffing, it takes way less time than a traditional full turkey would–which is good if you don’t want to spend all day in your apartment kitchen. Plus, you know, it involves bacon. So there’s that.

[Image courtesy of Flickr user Keith Roper. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.]