A while back, I covered how to take screenshots for both Mac and Windows. But given how important smartphones are nowadays, isn’t it also important that we all know how to take screenshots of that hilarious drunk text our friend sent us? You bet it is! That’s why today, I’m taking things mobile and showing you how to take screenshots on both iOS and Android.

iOS – It couldn’t be any easier to take screenshots on Apple devices. Simply hold down the lock and home buttons simultaneously, and iOS will instantly capture whatever’s on your screen at that moment. Your screen will flash white for a second to acknowledge the capture, and then iOS sends the image to your camera roll, which you can access via the Photos app. Kudos to Apple for making this so easy!

Android – Unfortunately, Google hasn’t been so kind on the screenshot front. They’ve made it ridiculously difficult to capture screenshots. Currently, there’s no way to take screenshots natively via any hardware – you have to install an app to do it. While there are multiple solutions, the easiest I found was No Root Screenshot It, which costs $4.99 on Android Market. Even after you download this app, you still have to plug your phone into a computer and install another special application to allow you access to actually take the screenshot. Even more frustrating is that after you restart your phone, you have to connect your phone to your computer again to re-enable screenshot support. Fortunately when Ice Cream Sandwich comes out, you can most likely be able to use a much simpler method of holding down the home and power buttons.

How has taking screenshots of your mobile device helped you? Let us know in the comments!

[Image courtesy of Flickr user nrkbeta. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.]