Pasta seems to be a good staple meal for college students. It’s easy to make, it’s filling, and it is so very tasty. Additionally, it can be used to make a variety of delicious meals. So what’s better than eating pasta? Learning tricks that make eating pasta even more awesome.

Lifehacker recently posted two really helpful articles about pasta cooking. The first talks about how to cook pasta even faster and add a little sauce. Start with a frying pan and some cold water instead of waiting a large pot of water to boil. The pasta cooks just as well using this method and you’ll have leftover water to make a delicious sauce. For the full article with directions, check it out here.

Another post that Lifehacker wrote about how to store and eat pasta for continuous meals. If you’re cooking pasta for a regular meal, go ahead and boil more than you need so you’ll have leftovers. After you’re done eating, toss the leftovers with butter or olive oil to keep the pasta from sticking, stick it in a freezer bag, and it’ll store for a great lunch or dinner at a later time. The pasta’s texture keeps better this way. Read the full article here.

Do you have any pasta cooking or eating tips for us? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo courtesy of eyem360. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]