Evernote Clearly is a new Chrome extension that “eliminates all distractions from your online reading experience.” When reading a news article or a blog post, clicking the Evernote Clearly button will strip out the navigation, ads, and links to other content on the page and leave you with an attractive, uncluttered view of only the article text and media. If an article has multiple pages, Evernote Clearly will automatically combine the content onto one page.

In the extension options, you can create a custom theme for displaying articles. There’s a surprisingly large amount of flexibility here. Clearly allows you to change the default font type, background color, text alignment and base font size, and even add your own CSS. While in the Clearly view, you can also switch between the preset themes.

My favorite part is that you can clip all the text and images from the stripped down version of an article with one click– no need to drag and highlight the page of text. Evernote Clearly is definitely not the first of its kind– Apple’s Safari browser, Instapaper, and Readability all have their own versions of a distraction-free reading solution, but Clearly gets extra points for its integration with Evernote and its pretty, customizable interface.

Get Evernote Clearly from the Chrome Webstore.