Figuring out what to get people for the holidays is never easy. Fortunately, if you’re shopping for internet-savvy peers who are comfortable putting their every last preference online, it’s just gotten a lot easier with social media and Etsy, the online marketplace where geekery is an official category.

Their Facebook tie-in gift finder connects with your account and–once you feed it names–pulls information from your friends’ profiles in order to suggest gifts for you. The technology isn’t incredible (it’s just running a search for their favorite movies/books/tv shows through the items for sale), but it does turn up things that you might not think of otherwise.

For example, my little sister is a big fan of the Hunger Games books, and Etsy suggested a mockingbird necklace as a result. It’s something that I wasn’t aware of before the tool, and which went over well with her. Plus, it was cheap, and I got the good karma that comes from buying from a small business. Wins all around!

The tool is great for college students because of the high likelihood that everyone we know is already on Facebook and has filled out the interests part of their profile (not a guarantee for older folks). The hand made goods cover a wide variety of price ranges, and shipping is usually cheap. Particularly if you don’t have a car to get around for shopping, Facebook-influenced online shopping is the way to go.

If hand made things aren’t your style, CNET says that there is a similar service being offered by Amazon. Given that few people seem to actually use Amazon’s wish list feature, this can help you snag pretty much anything that they might find useful. Plus, if you’ve got Student Prime status, you can snag free shipping.

With the amount of information that people share about themselves through social media, nabbing suitable gifts (or at least getting some guidance) is easier than ever.