Watch: Do you want to watch something alarming about your phone? Then we have the video for you! This clip, demonstrating Sprint’s Carrier IQ software, is pretty freaky. Just a reminder that your smart phone is quite possibly being used to market things to you. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. If it makes you want to root your phone, check the BoingBoing comments, which are as always helpful in pointing out that a) it’s not just Sprint and b) it’s not just Android. Paranoia for all! (via BoingBoing)

Read: Over at All Things D, Liz Gannes has an excellent article up about Facebook’s repeated privacy violations. The fact that they’re around is nothing new, but she points out that the pattern they follow (violation, Zuck apology, truce) has been the same for the last 10 times it has happened. Also amusing is her note that he pretty much only offers nonpologies–saying that he’s very sorry without saying that what happened was wrong. Turns out he’s sort of like a passive aggressive roommate who never empties the dishwasher but is, like, really sorry about it.

Make: Are you cold and miserable, but required to be at the top of your game to study for finals? Then I highly suggest this hot chocolate recipe from Pink of Perfection. It’s the one that I’ve used since I was in high school, and it’s basically loaded with all the fat and sugar and happiness that you could want from a winter-time beverage. Fill a travel mug and get to the library, and you’re guaranteed to have a slightly less miserable time studying. Wins all around!

[Image courtesy of Flickr user Macinate. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.]