One of the great things about Android is its fantastic integration with Google services. One of the handiest things is the ability to instantly push links, directions, and phone numbers directly from your computer to your phone. For a while now, I’ve been looking for a similar solution for my phone, and I finally found a great one in Pastefire. Read on through to find out more about this great app that allows you to push information from your computer’s browser to your phone.

Platform Availability: iOS 3.0 and up.

Cost: Absolutely free! Download it here.

What it is: An app that allows you to easily send content like links, text, addresses, and phone numbers instantly from your computer to your phone. You can then take that information and manipulate it in helpful ways on your phone like dialing phone numbers and sending addresses to Maps.

How does it work: Install the Pastefire app onto your iPhone. Choose whatever data you want to send – whether it be a URL, address, or phone number – then manipulate that data however you want on your phone. Use to send over the data, and there are more options that I’ll address later. For example, call the phone number you send over or open up the address you send in Maps.

Features: Multiple Actions – The great thing about Pastefire is that it allows you to do many, many things with whatever information you push from your computer. After you transfer whatever you wish from your computer to your iPhone, you can: 1) Open in Safari, 2) Show in large type, 3) Show in Maps, 4) Search in Google, 5) Search in Wikipedia, and 6) Save to local clipboard. Pastefire allows you to do pretty much anything you’d ever want with your pushed information!

Automated Actions – You can toggle on this option to allow Pastefire to automatically take the recommended action based on the type of information you push. For example, let’s say you push a URL over from your phone – Pastefire will automatically open up Safari for you without you having to choose anything!

Multiple Entry Methods – Just like with its multiple actions, Pastefire gives you four different options to send stuff over to your phone. You can use 1) the website (at, 2) a 1-click bookmarklet, 3) at PC/Mac desktop client, or 4) a Google Chrome extension. Find out more about those other methods at the same link. As for my favorite, I think it’s easiest to use the Chrome extension, but go with whatever you like best.

The Competition: There’s one big competitor in this category.

myPhoneDesktop – $4.99 – iOS 3.0 or later – Download it here

Why the Featured App is Best: Honestly, myPhoneDesktop has a more polished UX and is just more enjoyable to use. And while both apps function pretty much the same on your phone, on your computer, Pastefire gives you many, many more options on how you want to send your data. Unfortunately, myPhoneDesktop requires you to download a mandatory desktop client in order to get it to work. For that reason, along with its $0 price tag, I use Pastefire over myPhoneDesktop

Summary: Many times, you can be looking at something on your computer, but wind up having to go and need that data on your phone. Instead of going through the tedium of emailing yourself, use Pastefire to quickly transfer data from your computer to your phone. It’s fast, simple, and free! For those reasons, Pastefire is more than worthy of a spot on App of the Week.

What are your favorite uses for Pastefire? Has anyone tried myPhoneDesktop? Which app do you think is better? Let us know in the comments!