Confidently, a new job search engine targeted at students and recent grads, flips the script on job boards by charging the users, rather than the companies, a fee, and letting corporations seek out employees, instead of the other way around. They hope this approach cuts down on the clutter and generic shotgun approach for job listings that’s such a problem with competing services. There’s a pretty good description of their philosophy on their blog.

The site charges users a one-time fee of $7.99 (though we have some free accounts to give away, just read on). After you pay the cost of admission, employers will be able to find you based on your skills and experience, and you’ll be able to search through Confidently’s curated job boards after their staff weeds out any job listings that aren’t a great fit. Once you’ve gotten your free business cards, this definitely seems like a good place to start a job search.

Confidently gave us 50 free memberships for HackCollege readers, so don’t miss out. Just go sign up, and use the code “HackCollege” to get  a free lifetime membership.