While smartphones are wondrous devices that allow us to connect to the Internet, many times it can be really, really annoying to actually surf the web from our phones. Whenever I’m at home, I always use my computer to find out whatever I need. But then, inevitably, I end up needing to hit the road and my trusty smartphone becomes essential once again. Today on OS Tips, I’m going to show you how to bridge those two worlds and easily send data from your computer to your smartphone so you don’t have to waste time reentering information on those tiny touch screen keyboards.


Google has made it fairly easy to send information from your computer to your Android device. First, you’ll need to download the Chrome to Phone extension here. Next, download the accompanying Android app (requires Android 2.2 and up). After you have both the extension and the app installed, you’re all set! Let’s say you want to send the page you’re currently browsing in Chrome to your Android phone – simply press the button for the extension in Chrome. If you’re looking at directions in Google Maps, press the extension button to automatically open up the Maps application with your directions already entered. Finally, if you want to transfer over a phone number, simply highlight the number in Chrome, then press the extension button to punch that number into your phone without having to manually dial the number.


Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer a native solution like Google does, so you’re going to have to turn to some third-party apps if you want this functionality on your iPhone. I already featured a great app on this week’s App of the Week called Pastefire that essentially functions in the same way as Chrome to Phone. It’s even more powerful because it also allows you to send text and copy that over to your iPhone’s clipboard as opposed to only URLs, addresses, and phone numbers. It’s free and easy-to-setup, so try it out if you want to make your browsing experience as seamless as possible!

Do you readers have better solutions to send data from your computer to your smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo courtesy of ajmexico. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]