Whilst you are studying for your exams, you might find yourself procrastinating by doing other sorts of mindless things. Like cleaning. Cleaning is a great distraction and procrastination tool because you while you’re being unproductive with school work, you’re actually being productive in making your apartment or dorm room livable again. You’ll be amazed at the things that you will find to clean. Your floor? Vacuumed and Swiffered. Bed? Not only made but with clean sheets. Bathroom? All that stuff needs to be scrubbed. Top of your fan? Look at all that dust!

One of the most annoying things I think to clean is the microwave. It’s got little spills all over it from the various things you’ve heated up in it, but by now everything is pretty much stuck on there. It’s not like you can stick it in the dishwasher. So how can you clean the microwave without spending an hour doing it?

Lifehacker has a solution. Put a wet sponge or rag in your microwave, heat it up for three to five minutes, and cleaning is a breeze. This has two purposes actually. Firstly, it’ll help disinfect your sponge/rag to get rid of the germies that it’s picked up along the way. And secondly, it’ll steam up your microwave, helping cleaning off those stains.

For an added bonus, heat a bowl of water with a lemon in it for a delightfully clean smell in your microwave.

[via Lifehacker]

[Photo courtesy of Sollie79. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]