As college students, we all have incredibly busy lives, and it’s important to try to squeeze as much productivity out of each day as possible. Even if it’s just five seconds, those precious seconds certainly add up over time. That’s why I’ve ditched traditional search forms on each website and turned to dedicated search engine keywords. Search engine keywords are snippets of text that your browser automatically interprets as associated with the search engine for a website. For example, I’ve assigned “ama” to Amazon, so when I type “ama books” into my browser, it automatically searches Amazon for books! As long as you manually assign a keyword, you can do this for pretty much any website’s search engine. This feature is available in most modern browsers, but it can be a little tricky to set up. That’s why today, I’ll be providing you with a tutorial on how to set up search engine keywords for Chrome and Firefox, two of the best and most popular browsers available.


1. Click on the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.

2. Select Options on Windows, Preferences on Mac/Linux.

3. Make sure you’re on the Basics Tab.

4. In the Search section, click on Manage Search Engines…

5. A list will pop up with all the search engines to websites you’ve ever visited.

6. Scroll through the list and pick out the search engines you want a keyword for.

7. Change the text in the middle column corresponding to the website you want a keyword for to your desired keyword.

8. To use your search engine keyword, enter the keyword into Chrome’s Omnibar, and then hit space/tab – you should see the search engine name appear in a blue box. Enter your search term and enjoy even faster browsing!


1. Click on the search engine icon of the search bar and select Manage Search Engines.

2. Select the search engine you’d like a keyword for.

3. Click on Edit Keyword…

4. Enter in your keyword.

5. Repeat for whichever search engines you’d like.

6. When you’re done, hit enter.

7. To use your search engine keyword, enter the keyword into Firefox’s address bar, and then hit space followed by your search term.

Are there any extensions or add-ons that improve the functionality of search engine keywords? What about enabling it in other browsers that don’t natively support search engine keywords? Let us know in the comments!