Watch: You know what is transcendent and awesome? Leslie Hall’s career, exemplified by “Hydrate, Gyrate.” (Please don’t watch this at work. I don’t want you to be fired on my account. She started her internet existence with a completely straight-faced satirical blog about gem sweaters. And then started a satirical rap career that is also kind of excellent. She makes me want to drop out and create low-budget rap videos straight outta the midwest. (That might also be because it’s finals week and I’ve started to hallucinate. One or the other!)

Read: This one goes out to all the pre-med kids in the crowd. Did you know that we’re apparently on the road to wireless pace makers? I find this simultaneously excellent and a little terrifying, which is pretty much how science should go. (Also useful: this analysis of why we can apparently drink more in the evening than at other times in the day. Science is great!)

Make: Once finals are over, you’ll be cramming all of your things into a bag and heading home for the holidays. If you’re a dorm dweller, part of that process may be room inspections after you’re gone. Don’t be that kid (there is always that kid) who gets caught with booze underaged during room inspections. You have two options: find a hiding place (laundry basket under a jacket works well—no one is allowed to look there) or make everything-but-the-kitchen-sink punch to empty yourselves out. It may taste awful, but you’ll be so overcome with joy and not having to do finals anymore, it won’t matter!

[Image courtesy of Flickr user Benimoto. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.]