If you’re planning a trip over your winter break (I’m going to Dollywood!), TripIt can help you make the process easier. I’ve written about the site before, but in a nutshell, it’s a hub in which to organize your flights, travel plans during your vacation, and information about the weather. The interface is easy-to-use and integrates the information in a way that makes sense.

What has changed since I wrote the last article is TripIt’s social media integration—it’s gone from silly to potentially quite useful for group travel (which you should be doing if you can, because—college!). You can now log in with your Facebook, Google, Google Apps, or Yahoo accounts in addition to a TripIt native sign in. As a result, if you want to share your travel plans with your friends, it’s easy to put out an announcement on Facebook or Twitter through TripIt’s own interface. You can designate other people as being part of your trips either as subscribers who cannot edit the trip (for those Type A folks) or as collaborators who can edit the trip (for a free-wheeling road trip).

Because it’s likely that any students you know will be on Facebook already, TripIt’s easy group planning options and Facebook integration make it a great tool for planning impromptu travel during Winter Break.

In addition, TripIt now has the useful-but-borderline-creepy option to automatically pull travel information from your inbox and make trips for you. As I’m planning my study abroad trip for next semester, this has been lifesaving—the magic behind the feature understands that anything in my inbox with the word “Dakar” in it relates to the same trip, rather than making 9 different trips.

If you’re planning to do some group travel over the break or need to keep all the fiddly bits of your study abroad experience together, TripIt’s definitely worth a second look.