I know the old joke was that IE is a terrible browser, but Microsoft has really shored up its browser’s deficiencies to make it ironically very secure and competent. This holiday season, the folks at Redmond are really pushing hard to get people to change perceptions and adopt Internet Explorer 9 (Windows Vista and up). As part of that PR campaign, the Microsoft is partnering with some great companies like Grooveshark, Pandora, and Hulu to offer you some cool free stuff and discounts simply for using IE9. Remember that all you have to do is use IE to access one site, and then you never have to use it again if you really hate it. Here’s a list of all the stuff you can get:

  • Three Free Months of Slacker Premium Radio
  • Three Free Months of AOL Radio
  • One Free Month of Grooveshark Plus
  • One Free Month of Hulu Plus
  • One Free Movie in your Flixster movie locker
  • $5 off movie ticket from Fandango
  • $5 off your next Live Nation Ticket
  • One Free Month of Vimeo Plus
  • 20 Free Horseshoes in Zynga’s “Pioneer Trail” Game
  • One Free Month of Pandora One

To get all these free offers, first open up IE9. If you don’t have it, you can download it here (be sure to select the right version for your copy of Windows). Next, visit this page within IE9. Click on the offer you want to redeem, then click and drag the large icon to your taskbar (the large bar usually found at the bottom of the screen). After doing so, another IE window will launch taking you to the offer provider’s website where you can redeem your freebie. Afterwards, you can remove the pinned icon by right clicking it and choosing “Unpin this program from taskbar.” Happy holidays, and enjoy all these free great offers!