Many people already consider their Linkedin profiles to be their online resume. But since employers usually ask for a downloadable document, this means you end up having to update your information in multiple places. It can be a hassle to keep up with the changes between Word documents, online profiles, PDF’s, homepages, etc. The Linkedin Resume Builder from Linkedin Labs is an extremely useful tool that automates the resume building/updating process. The Resume Builder makes it easy to transfer all the information from your Linkedin profile into an elegantly formatted resume that you can share the link to or download a PDF file of. You can also create and manage multiple resumes with the Resume Builder.

Creating a new resume is as simple as signing into your Linkedin account, choosing from 11 attractive templates, then selecting what content from your profile you want displayed on your resume and how to arrange that content. The resume sections are drawn directly from those on your profile– Contact Info, Summary, Specialties, Education, Work History, etc. If you need to format text in your resume, you can use Markdown syntax when editing your Linkedin profile and the formatting will translate to your resume. For example, say you wanted to use a bulleted list for one of your job descriptions. All you have to do is insert an asterisk [*] next to each new item in the list on your Linkedin profile. See the Resume Builder blog for more info.

Since Linkedin is already a hugely popular career development network amongst college students, the Linkedin Resume Builder has a the potential to be a huge time saver for us when putting together our job and internship applications. Try out the Linkedin Resume Builder here!