Nearly all in the college community right now are celebrating Winter Break. Most celebrate by catching up on what they’ve missed during the school year – be it time with family, friends, or the latest season of their favorite television show.

But on break, just as much as during class, there’s an important lesson to learn. It’s okay to not do everything.

This is something that’s specifically always been hard for me. I’ve always tried to excel in everything I do, so telling myself that I don’t have to do something seems counterintuitive. But in fact, it’s what keeps me sane.

The best example of this in the tech world is the “Mark All as Read” button. There is a catharsis that comes with it – be it either my email inbox, my Google Reader subscriptions, my Hulu or podcast queue. I’m free from my commitments.

Enjoy that same freedom this break, and remember when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed during the school year to hit the “mark all as read” button for some of the least important aspects of your life.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user Josef Grunig. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.]