Pretty much everyone makes their Resume in Microsoft Word (although one of my intrepid friends did try to do one up in Excel). However, after you’ve gotten everything to look all nice and pretty on your screen, have you thought about how it looks when it gets into the hands of your prospective employer? To ensure that your all-important resume looks as polished as possible, once you’ve done all the edits you want to make, save it as a PDF file. Nowadays, so many job applications occur via email or corporate websites that having properly formatted digital documents are essential. Emailing out a Word file is unprofessional – not only can your potential employer see if the document was originally authored by someone else, but there can also be big formatting problems if they try to print it out themselves from Word and they don’t have the proper fonts. PDF acts pretty much like WYSWIG so you can know for certain that if it looks right to you on your screen, it’s going to look the exact same way on your potential employer’s screen as well.

For those of you who don’t know how to save your Word documents as a PDF, it’s super easy. Just choose Save As, then in the drop down menu for file type, choose PDF. You should also name the file something like “Resume_DeryckWong” with an underscore to ensure there’s no problem with a space in your file names. That’s it! Be sure to do the same with your cover letters and transcripts as well to ensure that your documents appear to others exactly how you want them to.

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