While iOS 5 brought along with it a whole slew of cool features (like iMessages, the Notification Center, and text expansion), one of the least talked about yet coolest features is the inclusion of a great built-in dictionary similar to OS X’s. If you’ve ever been confused by what a word means, now you no longer have to manually enter it into Google or copy/paste. The cool thing about the iOS 5 dictionary is that you can access it from pretty much any application where you can select text. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit hidden. Here’s how to access it:

1. Select the word you want to define by double clicking it.

2. Choose the define option.

3. The built-in dictionary will do the rest, allowing you more information than you would ever need to know on your chosen word.

This dictionary functionality only works in applications where you can select the word by itself, and not if the word is in an image file for example. Other than one little caveat, go nuts, and never be left unsure of what a word means again!