Of all the different view modes in Finder, my favorite is definitely the column view. It allows you to quickly view any file’s file structure and easily navigate using your keyboard’s arrow keys. While it’s great for both of those things, something annoying is that when you switch to that view, each column is locked to the same width by default. If you’ve got many files with similar names, it may be difficult to tell what’s what. That’s why today, I’m going to show you how to adjust the widths of your columns in Finder’s column view.

If you look at the image above, notice the small white square with the two vertical lines at the bottom of each column. Right click on the column you want to edit, then you’ll see a context menu with three options: 1) Right Size This Column, 2) Right Size All Columns Individually, and 3) Right Size All Columns Equally. As you can imagine, the options do exactly what they mean. Option 1 is often the most useful, as you don’t want to have to scroll too much horizontally if you have super wide columns. Enjoy being able to see your entire file names in column view!

What’s your favorite view for OS X’s Finder? Let us know in the comments!