Chances are, you’ve already utilized Google products for your college education– whether it’s managing your college applications with Gmail, using Search to do research for an assignment, or finding directions to your classes on Google Maps. College Tips by Google is a site put together by a group of recently graduated Googlers in order to provide students with ideas about how they can use Google tools to hack their way through college.

The tips are broken down into three groups: Tips for high school seniors to help with the application process, campus visits and getting ready to start school, tips for current students to help keep your academic and social life organized, and tips specifically for dealing with all the responsibilities of being a college senior, like preparing for graduation and looking for your first job.

Since the site just launched last month, there are only a small collection of tips at this point. Also, most of the tips I saw on the site were pretty basic. If you’re a power user of Google services, you’ll probably find that you’re already following many of the suggestions provided. Hopefully Google will continue to develop the site and start adding more creative ideas for improving your college education with Google services. If you have your own Google related college tip, you can submit it here for a chance to be featured on the Google Student Blog.

What did you think of the tips on the site? Were you already using any of them? Will you start to use any? Let us know in the comments.