Linkedin might seem like a service geared to those who already have professional experience, but it’s definitely proved it’s usefulness to college students as well. Students can use Linkedin to network with potential future employers and establish a professional online presence, an increasingly important consideration for job recruitment in the 2.0 age. If you’re not on Linkedin yet, you should be! And if you are, make sure you are getting the maximum potential from the site by doing these four things:

1. Showcase your academic accomplishments – Employers understand that a college student probably will not have an impressive work experience section on their resume. Being a student is your “profession”, so focus your bragging on that! You have the option to include sections for your projects, honors and awards, organizations, test scores and courses on your Linkedin profile. Filling these sections out is a great way to make your profile more impressive and memorable to recruiters and other users.

2. Explore your career options – Linkedin’s Career Explorer takes you through and lets you compare different potential career paths. You build a career path by telling Career Explorer what your major is, what type of degree you are working towards and what field you plan to go into. Based on your background, Career Explorer presents you with job titles you might be interested in and helps you connect with relevant people and companies.

3. Simplify resume creating and updating – Previously mentioned Linkedin Resume Builder takes the information from your Linkedin Profile and formats it into an attractive, neat PDF resume. This is a great time-saver because you don’t need to worry about consistently updating both your Linkedin Profile and your resume.

4. Network and make connections – If there is a company you’re interested in, visit their Linkedin page and search their employee database. Find somebody who has a position you’re interested in and send them a Linkedin message. Introduce yourself, express your interest, maybe ask about internship opportunities… You’ll find most people are more than happy to help out college students, and even if they can’t help you, ask if they can direct you to someone who can.

Do you have any other Linkedin tips for students? Let us know in the comments!