All of us have our favorite websites that we check everyday. Whether it’s Facebook, Google Voice, or ESPN, there are some websites that you know you’re going to keep open all the time. Whenever you restart your browser/computer, don’t you find it annoying to have to reopen those same sites in new tabs? To remedy that problem and make your browsing experience 1) easier, 2) faster, and 3) more automated, pin tabs for sites that you always use.

The procedure works the same in both Chrome and Firefox. First, head to whichever site you want to pin. Then, just right click on the tab you want to pin and select “Pin Tab” in Chrome and “Pin as App Tab” in Firefox. The tab will shorten to only show the site’s favicon, also saving you a few precious pixels in your browser’s menu bar. Now whenever you open your browser, it will automatically load those tabs you’ve pinned without you having to do anything!

I find this little trick particularly useful for all my Google apps (Voice, Calendar, Gmail, Docs, etc.…) because it fires them all up at once instead of me having to manually open the sites one by one.

What are your favorite sites to use with “Pin Tab”? Let us know in the comments!