March 1st marks the date when Google’s new unified privacy policy takes effect, and once the new privacy policy goes live, Google will be able to combine all of your search history with each of your Google profiles, and use it to target you with (in their opinion) better search results as well as advertisements. Google’s terms of service are also changing, but only so that the legibility of them read much more transparently.

Google is implementing these changes because they want to make their 70-odd individual privacy policies and terms of service simpler, and for the benefits of their millions of users they are trimming the fat and making these agreements much more digestible. By having far fewer pages to read and agree to, Google is ensuring the safety of their users by not masking any vague details that will allow any malicious activity that you would expect a behemoth company to do.

Clearing your entire search history is very simple and straightforward, but be sure to note that you will have to do this for every unique Google account you own, should you wish to clear them all.

Step One: Sign into your desired Google account.

Step Two: In the address bar of your browser, click this link, or copy and paste this URL in a new window and hit enter:

Step Three: Click “Remove all Web History”

Step Four: Click “Ok”, and you’re all done!

Your privacy is important while browsing the Internet, and whether or not you agree with Google’s new methodology of search result delivery and targeting ads, it’s important to know you have the option to remain as private as Google will possibly allow you to be. You should also know that Google Chrome has a private-browsing feature as well, called “incognito mode”.

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A big thanks to EFF for pointing this out.

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