InternMatch, a site with internship listings and resources for students, is hosting a day-long internship workshop hosted by the Google+ platform through a Hangout On Air on February 29th with speakers from CBS Interactive,  Google,  Ashoka, Salesforce, Sirius XM Radio and Nestle Purina Pet Care. The event will cover topics from “How to Network as a Freshman” to “How to Turn an Internship Into a Job.”  Speakers will include Jeff Moore, Google’s lead engineering recruiter, Ben Wald, an Ashoka SVP, and many more.

Google+’s new Hangout On Air feature is basically a Hangout that is publicly live-broadcasted. Students can head to InternMatch’s Google+ profile on February 29th to view the Hangout, which starts at 10 A.M. PST. New speakers will be on every hour 5 P.M, but people can come and go as they please throughout the day. Directly after the speaking sessions, InternMatch is running a marathon resume hangout where students can join to get resume, cover letter, and interview help. If you want to ask any of the speakers a question about internship/job hunting, career advice, or anything else you’d like to know, comment on this post.


Here’s the Internship Hangout Agenda:

9:50 AM (PST) – “Opening Remarks from InternMatch”

10:00 AM (PST) –“Networking, Social Media, and Starting Your Internship Search”
Speaker: Nestle Purina, Brook Lashley and Dana Suhre, Hiring Managers

11:00 AM (PST) – “From Resume to Interview, Mastering the Internship Process”
Speaker:,  Executive Leader

12:00 PM (PST) – “How to Apply Online and Navigating the Black Hole”
Speaker: InternMatch, Andrew Maguire, CEO

1:00 PM (PST) – “Deciphering Consumer Brand and Employment Brand”
Speaker: Sirius XM Radio, Ross Herosian, College Programs Manager

2:00 PM (PST) – “Going From Internship to Full-Time Job”
Speaker: CBS Interactive, Mark Howard, Talent Acquisition Manager

3:00 PM (PST) – “Hacking the Engineering Internship Application”
Speaker: Google, Jeff Moore, Lead Engineering Recruiter

4:00 PM (PST) – “Nonprofit Internships vs. For Profit Internships”
Speaker: Benjamin Wald, Ashoka, Chief Executive Partner

5:00 PM (PST) – 10:00 AM (PST) – “InternMatch Resume & Internship Advice Marathon”
Featuring: InternMatch and other career gurus!



[via InternMatch]