My favorite apps/extensions/technologies all make my life easier. One of the little annoyances in my browsing life is having to click on the next page (first world problems…), whether it be when I’m looking though Google search results or browsing through forums/message boards. AutoPager, a free extension available for both Chrome and Firefox, eliminates the need to click on links to see the next page of content. Instead, it automatically loads that content and extends the current page so all you have to do is keep on scrolling!

Simply scroll down to the bottom of your current page, and you’ll see a green loading bar indicating that AutoPager is working its magic. After the progress bar finishes, your new content will be ready inline. It comes built in with support for a ton of websites we all use everyday like Google, Reddit, and the New York Times. There’s also custom support for far more obscure websites – simply head to to find AutoPager rules for your favorite sites. And like any good extension should, AutoPager includes the ability to also prompt you to enable each individual use of the plug-in. In summary, it’s free and makes browsing easier, so give it a shot!

Do you know of any extensions like AutoPager? Let us know in the comments!