Currently, I run a dual monitor setup with my MacBook Pro at home. While it’s always great to have more screen real estate for whatever you want to do, one of the small annoyances I have to deal with is actually arranging my windows across all those pixels. Normally, you have to manually drag each window from one monitor to the other, which can obviously get really annoying if you have to move a lot of windows. One neat little app I’ve found to deal with this problem is Swapp, which allows you to easily send a window from one monitor to the other with a keyboard shortcut. Swapp is available on the Mac App Store for $4.99, or you can purchase it directly from its developers.

Instead of dragging windows from one screen to the next, just swap them over with whatever key combo you’d like! Swapp also allows you to 1) swap just the currently active window, 2) all current application windows, or 3) all windows located on that screen. There’s also a blacklist for applications where you don’t want Swapp to function. Finally, there’s a menu bar icon for swapping windows if you’d rather use your mouse. I don’t currently know of any other Mac apps that provide similar functionality, but it’d be great to know what our readers think. While it’s fairly bare bones, it does what it’s designed to do very well and gives you just enough options to justify it’s $4.99 price tag. If you’re still skeptical, download the free trial version and give it a shot!

What other apps do dual monitor Mac users turn to for making their lives easier? Let us know in the comments!