How often do you spend countless hours searching for new apps on Apple’s App store?

Probably not that many if you have a life, unlike me. Thankfully this list of iPhone apps will keep you up to date with your smartphone’s capabilities, and your friends might think you’re a tech-savvy super star. Here are a few apps I have on my phone that are definitely worth the download:




Receiving the check at group dinners is one of today’s top first world problems. Even if you have cash, you’re bound to get ripped off by the girl who only brought her credit card. Don’t worry, she said she’ll pay you back! That’s what you’re thinking, or at least hoping. I’m the girl with the credit card, and believe me, you aren’t going to get paid back.

How to avoid situations like this? Download the Square for free and when you sign up, Square sends you a Square Reader for free! I’m assuming this is only while supplies last, so hurry and take advantage of all things free.



I don’t know about you but receiving a Hallmark card (with a check enclosed) on my birthday from my grandparents is one of the greatest highlights of the year. I mean the money is great, but what about the physical card you get with it? Nothing like an e-mail or online gift can replace such a true act of kindness.. at least that’s what you’re grandparents think.

Cards is a free app that allows users to create personalized cards for any occasion, and then sends it (in physical form) to any address, for a $2.99 fee. It’s time to finally send all those thank you cards that are on the bottom of your to-do list. You’re family will love you more.


There are many translation apps out there and almost all of them are useful (for example, Google Translate). Vocre isn’t just a good translation app though, it’s the best. Vocre converts what the user says to the specified language in text form, then actually says it using iSpeech technology. The user simply selects the output language, and specifies his or her gender. Real-time speech translation has finally become a reality.

If you’re going abroad next quarter, I highly recommend downloading Vocre before your trip begins.


As I mentioned earlier, a lot of students don’t have time to waste browsing the app store like me. That’s why was created. Users of this app can easily access trending apps on the App store without the hassle of searching on their own.




Takes one random app that costs money from the app store and makes it available for free download for one whole day. Different app each day. Free downloads every day.



Students in college are expected to keep up with the news. Reading the Yahoo headlines every day just isn’t enough anymore (unless you’re a freshman). Is it time to turn off comedy central for CNN? No, only if you are eager to become a forty year old and political debates make your palms sweat with excitement.

Snackr provides users with personalized audio news clippings so you can keep on watching the important things on TV, like Jersey Shore and Teen Moms!


Sleep Cycle Alarm

Watch this video:

Pretty cool, huh? Make sure to start using this alarm if you’re a raging insomniac. Normal sleepers also find it useful.


Interview Prep Questions

The title says it all. Job and internship interviews tend to make people nervous. Preparation is key in scoring your dream position so practice answering the right questions and avoid an anxiety attack.

Mental Case

A study app that makes flash cards easy to create. Users can make their own flash cards, or use pre-made sets available in Mental Case’s library.


After late night study sessions, walking home in the dark can tend to feel extremely sketchy. If situations like this make you paranoid, then you’re like me. Stay safe with Guardly, an app that alerts your friends and family about your location with the press of a button.

There are tons of cool apps out there and my list doesn’t include all of them. Rather than mentioning the obvious (such as myHomework, Evernote, Instagram, Free WiFi Finder, Dropbox), I listed apps that I found to be interesting and unique.

Feel free to suggest any other apps that are worth the download in the comments below.

If you’ve downloaded the apps listed in this article, thanks for taking my suggestions and make sure to impress all your friends with your downloads (because I couldn’t seem to impress mine).