Many see Macs as the domain of graphic designers, with many turning to Photoshop as their weapon of choice. At the same time however, many college students also love their Macs for the ease and simplicity they bring to basic computing tasks like browsing, sending emails, and word processing. However, given that Macs are the computer of choice among many graphic designers, it’s surprising Apple has neglected to include a native bitmap image editor for making simple changes. While Preview allows you to annotate and crop images, you can’t actually edit them per se. Microsoft includes Paint with its OS, allowing users to create such hilarious content as this. With Apple leaving its users high and dry, what’s a Mac fiend supposed to do if she wants to create hilarious images to start a brand new meme?

Fortunately, Paintbrush fills that void. Paintbrush is a free open-source bitmap image editor native to Mac OS X. Download it here. In no way is it intended to replace Photoshop, but it really is equivalent to Microsoft’s Paint. You have the litany of tools we all know and love, from the pencil to the paint bucket, to the dropper. Use it to crop photos or go nuts with your own works of art! While the application is certainly lacking advanced features, it was never designed to be advanced in the first place. The interface is simple and intuitive, and anyone should be able to figure it out in minutes. Itching to satisfy your MS Paint fix on Mac OS X? Grab Paintbrush today!

What are some alternatives to Paintbrush you guys know and love? Let us know in the comments!