Rasterbating is by far the cheapest, easiest and coolest way to fill an entire wall with art. A rasterbator is a program that takes any image and expands it to any size desired whilst keeping its original quality. The way this works is that the program changes the image into a half-toned one.  THAT basically means the program turns the chosen image into a lot of small dots that will not look like much up close, but from a sufficient distance they resume their original shapes.

Besides using the name to make immature and hilarious puns, the best part of rasterbating is the fact that it is so customizable. One can upload any picture they would like, choose the size (up to twenty meters) by selecting the amount of pages to print it on, and also decide whether the image is achromatic, monochromatic or has full color. Rasterbating is also extremely cheap for filling an entire wall with any image of one’s choice. At $0.10 a page, as charged by most colleges to print things, a rasterbation from the picture above would only cost about three dollars and a crazy sixteen foot long rasterbation like the one below would only cost about fifteen.

There are many downloadable or online programs that will rasterbate your images, but this one here seems to be the best.