Over the next few months, as people draft their New Year’s Resolutions and 2012 predictions, I’ll be providing tools to help you Achieve Your Resolution – valuable webapps and web sites that I’ve found in the past year that help achieve popular New Year’s Resolutions.

We all want to get more sleep in our otherwise busy lives, but we’re not sure how. These two webapps, YawnLog, and SleepyTi.me, help us busy collegiates get the required amount of ZZZs.
YawnLog helps track the amount of sleep you can get. You input your time in bed, time out bed, and quality of sleep, and YawnLog does the rest – including graphing your inputted amount of sleep and tracking it against the average of all users who posted. So you won’t have to worry about those late New Years’ Eves.

SleepyTi.me, which I’ve written about previously here, allows you to see how much sleep you can get to obtain to get your optimal amount each night so that your R.E.M. cycles complete and you wake up feeling refreshed.

Don’t sleep your new year away – hack your body to the best it can be!