One of the most annoying parts of the internet is having to click every single post on craigslist to see the photo of the item you will probably not buy anyway.  This is very time consuming and is especially frustrating when post says “pic” but it only has a lame stock image just so the title of her or his post looks like it has an image when really it does not.  To avoid all this nonsense you need to install a simple script to your internet browser that will allow you to view the pictures on craigslist ads below the titles as the picture above shows. Once you click this link I’ve provided it will send you to the page of who I am assuming made the script, you can then download the “1.0″ version, and it will then automatically install itself on your browser.

Having the pictures all laid out for you on the results page can be particularly handy when looking through real-estate postings, cars, furniture, and things of the such.  This is also a cool feature to have on your browser so you can impress all of your friends and say something snarky like “Oh wow, you DON’T use this!? Not using this script is like still using internet explorer!”  So, download this script, and you can finally begin searching craigslist the right way!