On campus, most of my day is filled with information about classes, upcoming tests and what’s going on this coming Friday night… I sometimes forget about the outside world.

This lead me on an app-hunt to find the best news app for your iPad.

The first app I tried was CNN’s app. I enjoyed the ability to stream the television network’s TV channel by entering in my cable subscriber credentials, but I didn’t like how “current” the news was. I felt like I already missed the day’s news. The articles were posted mere minutes ago and I always felt behind.

The second app I tried was Flipboard. This iPad app allows you to customize what feeds go into making a digital “magazine.” It’s a great idea and is implemented brilliantly. My only dislike was that some of the articles weren’t displayed as articles, but were merely links to the source’s website.

I also tried out “The Daily” a pay-for, iPad-only newspaper. While pretty, and engaging with some great featured stories, the app itself was unstable and took a while to update every day with new content. It costs $.99/week, but I wouldn’t bother with this nearly unusable app.

The final app I looked at was The New York Times‘ newsstand app. This app, while also paid, provided a great experience paired with the well known journalism you’d expect from The New York Times. It had multimedia features and tons of interesting articles. The biggest downside was price: even with the New York Time’s “college rate” it costs $10/month to get an iPad subscription. That’s is a far cry higher than the other options, and still features ads throughout the app.

I’m going to have to say that for best overall news and app quality, chose The New York Times. If you’re looking at price and flexibility try Flipboard. However, I’m still on the hunt for a better news app, so leave a comment with your favorite way to get caught up on current events.