I hope the title wasn’t too obvious. Now if you’ll excuse my blatantly obvious headline, let’s get down to talking about Fan Control – a great and free app for Mac OS X 10.4+. Download it here. While we all love Macs for their great design, part of the sacrifice of having such pretty looking hardware is 1) not having enough ventilation for heat and 2) the fans often aren’t spinning fast enough (to keep noise down). Normally if you find your Mac laptop getting way too hot for your liking, you just have to live with it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have finer control over your $1,000+ toy? Fan Control delivers where Apple doesn’t, allowing you to manually adjust your fans’ speeds to your specific liking.

After you install Fan Control, it will appear as another panel near the bottom of your System Preferences menu. Once you activate it, you will be greeted by a screen similar to the one you see above (though your view will differ depending on your Mac’s model and how many fans you can control). You can adjust the upper and lower temperature thresholds, along with the slowest speed for each fan. Normally when I use Fan Control, I want to cool my MacBook Pro down, so I adjust the upper threshold all the way to its lowest setting so my fans crank up to 6,000 RPM. While this control scheme is very no frills, it gets the job done and the speeds adjust almost instantly. While it would be best if Apple released a native utility, that’s probably never going to happen, so download Fan Control – a great substitute!

Are there other fan control apps you like better? Why? Let us know in the comments!