If you are a human it is inevitable that you will procrastinate, and college students are especially good at it.  While procrastinating can at times be harmless and unavoidable there are some things that you DO NOT want to procrastinate. EVER.


Keep in mind that these are not numbered in order of importance.

1.  Duplicating Your Keys

If you only have one key for your house or car or safe or some other lock, you need to get it duplicated!  Duplicates are of course nice when you have misplaced your keys and you can just grab your duplicate and go.  However, the more important reason is for when you permanently lose your only key somewhere like at the bottom of a lake.  So, don’t let this happen, don’t waste money on a lock smith and go duplicate your keys right now!


2.  Getting Your Passport

This may be a bit of a harder task to accomplish, but it is an important one. You are going to have to fill out a lot of paper work and drop about $100 to get one, but it is well worth it.  It takes forever to actually get you passport in hand after you buy it, and the sooner you need your passport the more you have to pay, so you might as well get it before you plan some out of country travelling so it will be cheaper. In other words, if you decide you are going to Canada in two weeks it will cost a lot more (if not being impossible) to get your passport in time than if you were going in 6 months. Another reason not to procrastinate getting your passport is that if you have it then you can spontaneously travel out of the country at anytime. With this being said, I myself should probably go get my passport…


3.  Signing Up for Classes

Signing up for your next term’s classes can be a pain. Trying to figure out what to take, which professor to take it with and how to fit all these classes into a schedule that works for you is annoying.  However, you want to figure this all out as soon as the classes for the next term are posted. With all these cuts on education there are a lot less classes that get filled a lot faster every term. So, you want to have your classes figured out beforehand and add them as soon as your registration time opens up to make sure you get into the class and not have to worry about being an “add student.”


4.  Getting Your Charger When Your Computer is Dying

Let’s paint a picture. You are laying down on your bed with three blankets on yourself and all of the sudden your laptop says you only have 10% battery and your cord is in a whole other room.  The procrastinator in you will think “ahh, silly warning.. I’ll go get, just give me like ten more minutes” and then, 20 minutes later, your laptop has died. Now, not only do you still have to go get your cord, you also have restart computer, try to remember what tabs you had open, re-download whatever downloads got cancelled, lose a whole bunch of time and be even more frustrated than you would have been originally.  Listen to the warning!


5. Waking Up

We all know how waking up past your alarm can have negative effects, so don’t do it.  One way to prevent this is by learning how to better manage your sleep.


6. Putting Milk in the Fridge.

Don’t leave milk out. It gets warm and it gets gross and it gets spoiled.


7.  Buying Tickets

Don’t procrastinate when you are buying tickets.  The longer you wait to buy tickets for things (sporting events, plane tickets, concerts) the tickets will either become more expensive or sold out, so buy them early.


8. Car Maintenance

If you recognize that some work has to be done on your car then you need to get it done right away. Cars break when they are not kept up.  So, when your gas light comes on then you need to go buy some really expensive gas.  Also, people keep telling me that it is very important to change your oil, so let’s all do that.  Also, to avoid tickets, you have to keep up the annoying stuff that you do not care about like fixing your tail lights, fixing your break lights, or paying your registration.


9.  Buying Toilet Paper

You do not want to realize you have run out of toilet paper when it is too late.


10. Studying and Homework

Yes, a very boring way to end this list.  We all know studying is important to not procrastinate, but I figured I would mention it because you are probably procrastinating it right now as you read this.  Not doing your homework or your essay or studying for your final will mess up all the work you put into number five, so get it done early or at least not eight minutes before it is due.


These are 10 things I find important not to procrastinate. What did I leave out?  Tell us in the comments.