Like most students, I have one crazy schedule consisting of classes, studying, work, and a social life.  Most nights, I don’t have the time or energy to cook a healthy meal.  Luckily, I have my slow cooker to come to the rescue.  A slow cooker is a rather inexpensive counter top electrical cooking appliance that uses low temperature over several hours to cook food.  The result?  Flavorful and tender food that requires very little tending.  Below are three reasons why I love my slow cooker.

  1. Low & Slow Means Tender Meat: As a cash-strapped student, I can’t always afford the best cuts of meat.  The low temperatures over a long period of time can make even the most inexpensive cut of meat very tender and delicious.  Since you don’t have to constantly attend to the cooking, it is perfect for student trying to juggle classes, work, clubs, and other activities.
  2. Everything in the Pot: With a slow cooker, you just stick it all into the pot, set the temperature on low or high, and walk away.  I love being able to throw food into the pot in the mornings and return after a long day to a good meal.  You can easily find recipes online to try or be creative and create a few of your own.  It requires such little effort, there is almost no excuse to not use it.
  3. Budget-Friendly Price: Slow cookers are not super expensive to purchase.  I got my model at Target for $25 and I use it at least twice a week.  It is one of my most used kitchen gadgets.
Do you use slow cookers?  What is your favorite slow cooker recipe?
[Photo Courtesy of Flickr user Birdies100 with a CC 2.0 Attribution]