We all know that gas prices are rising with little relief in sight.  What is a cash-strapped college student to do?  Use GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas prices around.

GasBuddy is a website where consumers post gas prices from various gas stations.  Also available as a free app for Android and iPhone users, GasBuddy allows users to search for the cheapest gas station in their neighborhood.  I have to admit, I’ve become addicted to this app and I love knowing that I’m saving money.  Every penny counts.

Users are also able to earn points for reporting gas prices and turn those points into drawings to win prizes, such as pre-paid gas cards.  Saving money and a chance to win free gas?  Win-win for everyone.

Here are 3 more tips to reduce the money you spend on gas:

1.) Reduce Your Driving: Whether you carpool, take public transportation, or walk, reducing your driving will reduce the amount of money you spend on gas.  Even if you can’t do avoid driving all the time, doing it once or twice a week will still make an impact on your wallet.

2.) Change The Way You Drive: If you can’t purchase a more fuel efficient car (more college students can’t), then you have to make your current car as fuel efficient as possible.  Do your best to avoid high speeds, braking or accelerating suddenly, or using your air conditioner.  Seems trivial, but it all adds up.

3.) Keep Tires Properly Inflated: Regularly check your tire pressure to make sure it is at the manual’s recommended setting.

How do you save cash on gas?

[Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Images_of_Money using CC 2.0 Attribution]