This past Thursday, I went to my usual Thursday meeting, and then wanted to hang out with a colleague from that meeting at Starbucks. Pretty normal for my life – just catching up with a good friend over coffee and if I felt daring, a pastry or two.

Instead, in the building on campus where our meeting was being held, there was an event being put on by our student union’s entertainment group (RUB Entertainment for any Gators reading). Our mutual friend was president of this group, but I hadn’t attended their events. They put on movie screenings and talks, where I’d usually find myself – especially if it was a indie flick – but most of their other events were, as I thought, too cool for me.

I was a little disgruntled. I wanted to stay into my comfort zone, and go get my normal coffee. The first event was laser tag – which was a good bridge event. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable playing real-life Call of Duty with some friends.

The event, by the way, was Star Wars vs. Star Trek. And yes, there were people in full costume.

After wookie cookies and Yoda soda, I had peaked. I left. I couldn’t take it anymore.

But I entered a period of self-realization. Events like the Star Wars and Star Trek one are what college is all about. I enjoy going out to bars and clubs and hanging out with my fraternity brothers, but that’s just one niche – and college is the most diverse place I’ll be for a while before the “real world”.

So don’t be so quick to leave. Breathe in. Enjoy like no one’s watching, and do something uncomfortable.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user miss_millions. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]