Facebook has started testing their new “Groups for Schools” feature with a handful of universities in the US. The new feature lets a school create a community that’s limited to just people with an active email address for that school. Once students and faculty become members, they can create or join groups within the community for their dorms, classes or other campus activities. To join any group within the community, users must first join the school’s community by confirming an active school email address.

The cool thing about Groups for Schools is that all the subgroups created within the main school community are listed in an open group directory — unless you set your group to “Secret,” in which case, only the members you invite can see the group, who’s in it, and what members post. Otherwise, students and faculty can browse a list of groups within a school, or search for groups pertaining to their academic or extracurricular interests. For example, within Groups at NYU, I joined a group for the Class of 2014, a group for the residence hall I live in, a group for Economics majors, etc.

I definitely think Groups for Schools will be useful to students. For example, you could use them to easily find information on campus organizations and to connect with classmates who share your interests. Facebook says that they will launch this feature to more schools soon, so if you haven’t seen an invite to join your school’s group on your Timeline yet, stay tuned.

Have you tried Groups for Schools yet? What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments!