Like most college students these days, I’m finding more and more of my research material online, compared to in books like before. In fact, some of my papers are entirely based off of webpages and web related research material. However, I’m prone to losing site that I find and quote when it comes down to citing sources.

Enter Little Snapper. This slightly expensive app, by most college student’s standards ($40), has the magical ability to capture entire webpages, without the need to do several screenshots. These archives work great for reading webpages offline if you’re traveling and have to catch up on research on the go. Also, it helps with organizing your screen grabs so you’ll never lose that important research journal or online article again.

I’ve used Little Snapper for a while now, organizing screenshots of everything from inspirational designs for my design classes to full-length articles for research classes.

Check out Little Snapper, at their website