There seems to be a contest going on between Apple and Google about whose “Internet TV” is going to finally take off.  However,  I find their versions of “Internet TV” to be pointless when one can create one themselves in about 30 seconds.

These days all of the content that is available through a television service is also available through the internet. Whether you have to download it, stream it on the network’s website, watch it on Hulu, or watch it on Netflix, you can always find it. So, for a while now I have been watching television solely through my old laptop computer which I leave connected to my television set with an HDMI cable and then I use a wireless keyboard and mouse as a remote.  This version of  TV watching can be annoying if you are an avid watcher, but if you just follow a couple shows and enjoy watching movies then this a perfect solution to save you money whilst getting more features than a traditional TV.  This homemade way of watching TV is beneficial for many reasons, the main one being that you no longer have to pay a monthly fee to Dish or Direct or whoever you buy TV service from. Other benefits include having the ability to play your music collection through your TV’s speakers, the ability to watch YouTube videos, stream Netflix, or to simply surf the internet with a huge screen.

If you want your Internet TV to be permanently connected but you do not have an extra computer, you could always buy one of these very cheap and tiny desktop computers.  At the very least, if you have both a TV and a computer it is good to know how to connect them (simply with an HDMI cable) so you can watch movies on something bigger than your fifteen inch laptop.