Note: This post is for entertainment purposes only. HackCollege does not condone this act of immoral behavior.

Spring break is finally here, and you are probably thinking to yourself,  ”I do not own enough pairs of sunglasses…” (never actually the case because everybody owns like 6 pairs.)  Nevertheless, everybody always wants more sunglasses!  And because the weather will probably start looking spring like soon, I will tell you a cool trick to get a new (not new) pair for free!

The trick to getting a free pair of sunglasses is to simply get some from the lost of found. This seems to work every time at gas stations. Just go to any gas station and pretend like you have lost a pair of sunglasses there the day before.  The gas station attendant will then pull out a box of lost stuff that is mostly filled with pairs of sunglasses and gas caps (also a good place to go if you have lost your gas cap.) You can then pick a pair of glasses you like and add them to your collection.  Now, if you do ever obtain a pair of glasses this way, the least you could do is pick the pair that are not the $150 Ray-Bans, but the cheap funky ones that the original owner will not be coming back for.  Sometimes, the attendant will ask you to describe the pair you lost. So, if they do you can just say something generic like “oh yeah, they were, uh, black colored and they had frames.”

If you are one of those students that still has some good morals then you could always get cool sunglasses at a thrift store for cheap. Thrift stores often have a big basket of glasses including some cool older ones for a dollar or so.  Don’t forget to try the glasses on before you buy them though because a lot of them have prescription lenses.