As children of the 90’s, we are truly unique to the world.

We played with Gameboys, before they were available in color or 3D.

We  used PCs from Microsoft, before Apple came along with the iPad.

We were the first kids with cell phones, the first teenagers with smart phones.

The world’s transition from floppy disks to cloud storage parallels our own transition from childhood to adulthood.

So, how is it possible to manage the distractions of Facebook, Gmail, Skype, LinkedIn, et cetera in order to uphold the expectations of our parents, our teachers, and our friends?


Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to this. However, I do know a way to help.


IFTTT, or “If This, Then That” is a remarkable website that helps manage your online web tools, freeing up your time and making space for happiness.


Once you register [for free] with a valid e-mail address, you can browse hundreds of pre-made “recipes” or make your own tasks to contribute to the site.


Recipes and tasks can be described by the following formula:

If [site/tool 1] is used in a specific way then [site/tool 2] will perform some function.


This is a little confusing so here is an example from my account:


There are tons and tons of recipes available like this, so start an account and get organized!

It’s time to let IFTTT manage your world of technology, and to finish your differential calculus homework in time.


I realize that this post will not encourage every reader to sign up for IFTTT’s services, but thank you for reading anyway!


If I can’t convince you, maybe seeing these popular recipes will: